Jamie Gaddis

Jamie Gaddis is originally from Knox County but after a few rounds of living here and there, she decided to hang her hat in London, KY over 12 years ago.

An alumna of Eastern Kentucky University, Jamie decided that she definitely wanted to do something in the public sector and wanted to make a change for the better in whatever region she found herself in. She majored in Public Relations and constantly volunteered for various non-profit organizations. She worked for the Eastern Progress during her college career and that stint allowed her to find her niche in knowing how to be nosy without really offending anyone. 

Upon graduation, Jamie returned to her hometown of Barbourville where she spent the next year covering news and feature stories for the Barbourville Mountain Advocate.

She relocated to London, KY and was employed by the then-largest bank and company in the world. She was the executive assistant and was responsible for three sites across three states. There, she continuously networked trying to find her way in her community by means of philanthropic opportunities through partnerships of her employer, HSBC. After a multi-billion dollar acquisition, Jamie decided it was time to press on to find new opportunities and landed a management position at Walmart Distribution Center. Thinking this would be another great partnership that she could help foster, after five months of shipping cases, Jamie’s dream job came open and she didn’t have to move 100 miles away.

She is now the Director of Community & Economic Development and is over the top excited about the opportunity that she has been afforded and is continuing to build relationships that will allow her to help grow her region in which her company services. She has been there a very long time of one year now, and is excited to be on a team of forward thinkers and develop new enhancements that will make life better for her members.

Her most recent accomplishment is awarding a grant that allowed Owsley County to have enough funds to start its Teleworks USA program which will gain jobs giving hope the people so desperately need in that area.

In her spare time, she enjoys playing music, traveling as much as possible and spending time with her two dogs, Davis and Stella.