Janice Odom

Janice Odom was the democratic candidate for State Senate in District 21, which included Bath, Estill, Jackson, Laurel, Menifee, and Powell Counties. She is a resident of Powell County, Kentucky. As a member of the LEAP Class of 2015, she helped to create "I Am Eastern Kentucky," a grassroots movement to change the stereotype of Eastern Kentuckians. She has served SOAR (Shaping Our Appalachian Region) on the working committee for Tourism, Arts, and Heritage, and a 2015 graduate of EMERGE (a training program for Democratic Women planning to run for office).

            Janice is a volunteer grant writer for local non-profits and serves her community as Marketing Director for several tourism events. She was involved in the organization of The Rugged Red Trail Half-Marathon, which had 380 runners in its inaugural year, and 554 in the second year and third years. This brought new visitors and revenue to the area resulting in an economic impact of an estimated $300,000 to the community annually. A second race, The Nada Tunnel 8K quadrupled its field in its second year with 200 participants. She is the founder of "Kinfolk Said," a story-telling theatre program, which has held events in Lee, Wolfe, and Powell Counties. Odom is the Secretary of the Red River Chamber of Commerce, President of the Kentucky Entrepreneurs’ Alliance, President of the Red River Council for the Arts, Region 3 Zone 1 Chairperson for Lion’s Club International, President of the Red River Gorge Trail Town Corporation.  She served on the board that created the Trail Town application for Slade, Kentucky who will receive certification in 2017. Odom is a senior partner in Bellamy-Fleming Publishing as well as Marketing Consultancy. In 2016, Odom was given the Outstanding Private Individual Award by the Eastern Kentucky Leadership Foundation and was subsequently invited to join the board.